Moody’s Analytics NewsEdge Suite of Solutions

Bring together real-time news sources, and the best of the business web and social media to empower decision makers. Our proprietary capabilities include a number of patented components which offer our users unique advantages. The NewsEdge technology engine ingests, enriches, and distributes content in sub-seconds assuring the users of our interfaces and feeds fast access to support better decision making.


Curated Content

The NewsEdge collection is composed of over 23,000 breaking news and key trade publications, web pages, blogs and social media feeds.

News Archive

Deep historic archive including up to 15 years for some sources.  All historic content is richly tagged and indexed, which is useful for back-testing, model development, and other historic research projects.

Enriched Content

Digital content tagging, categorization, and entity-extraction – using high precision algorithms – add value to the NewsEdge content collection.


Advanced Searching

The NewsEdge suite of solutions finds content beyond the text. Our engine searches among millions of stories using simple queries or advanced Boolean logic returning accurate results in milliseconds.

Smart Alerting

Personalized, precise alerts on the companies and industries that users are monitoring with visual and audible attention grabbers.

Flexible APIs

Get the content you need to boost your proprietary applications with minimal resource constraints.

Syndicating Content

Full-service syndication, entitlements, permissioning, billing, pub-sub systems – for digital multimedia content.

Producing Newsletters

NewsEdge newsletters are specifically designed for preferred devices and page sizes, each delivering news and associated media with high-impact and visual appeal.


Our cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP) technology performs classification and entity extraction to help you generate actionable signals for search, filtering and decision-making at record speed.

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Leveraging metadata to instantly surface relevant news is smart practice in your news-based trading strategies, especially with the NewsEdge taxonomy. As business events unfold, the impact can be seen in the markets. Get ahead of the markets incorporating event-driven triggers into news strategies.


We understand which data drives business. We provide timely news and information from reliable sources that can be organized, analyzed, and shared efficiently – to uncover opportunity, reduce risk, and foster creativity.


We give publishers and news providers an unprecedented level of control over their digital content delivery for text and multimedia providing a turnkey solution to managing content feeds.



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