NewsEdge Alert

NewsEdge™ Alert

Real-time Scrolling News and Alerts

Continual, Real-time Delivery of Mission-critical News

Whether you’re a day trader making quick event-driven trading decisions or a newsroom monitoring a topic, our NewsEdge Alert solution provides you with global and market news as it happens so you can make informed decisions faster. Our real-time scrolling newsfeed leverages a powerful taxonomy to help you find content you need with unparalleled precision. Get news and press releases affecting your latest investments, government filings, and Tweets on topics of interest. Use our Weblink technology to instantly connect with websites that you use for research. Leverage search and alerting tools to deliver the information you need instantly, so you can react appropriately to each important story.  


Personalize searches with our intuitive query builder, determine how you view the information, and create alerts that grab your attention. 


Integrate your news with your trading software to make it even easier to react to breaking stock market news. 


Seamlessly view valuable online information or add customized links for one-click access to your preferred sites.  


Gain valuable news and alerts without breaking your budget.  The NewsEdge Alert solution is available in several reasonably priced packages.  

Broad Coverage  

Get a variety of content from reputable market-moving providers like Benzinga,, The Fly, Dow Jones, MT Newswires, and StreetInsider, including:  

  • Press releases 
  • Industry announcements 
  • Public filings 
  • Global news 
  • Tweets 

Powerful Search 

Our powerful taxonomy engine tags our content so you can narrow in on the information you need with laser-like focus. Our experts continually tweak our model to consider trends and buzzwords in our ever-changing vocabulary. We provide powerful and flexible searching, in an easy-to-use form. Search for details such as stock symbols and exchanges, public and private designations, market impact, taxonomical codes, geographic locations, or simply keywords and phrases. Get your results instantaneously.  

Personalized for Your Style of Working  

Review news that works for you: Select one of our source packages or talk to our account specialists about a list of sources that meets your needs.  

Personalize your alerts: Set visual and audible alerts. Set the feed to highlight specific words. Choose the topics you want to see. Our detailed taxonomy gives you powerful accuracy. Create different alerts for each topic area.  

Customize window displays to uncover trends: Set your views as stand-alone, merged or tabbed to make it easier for you to read and digest news. View by relevancy to help you control the news flow.


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