Corporate Current Awareness Solutions

Get near real-time news feeds featuring current-awareness, business, finance, and general stories and multimedia from an extensive catalog of both licensed and web-based sources, plus supporting applications for corporate libraries, corporate portals, and web sites. Our enterprise-wide licensing solutions, content searching, content sharing, and topical newsletter generation, deliver the capabilities you need, and our categorization, entity extraction, and other natural language processing algorithms significantly enhance and expand publisher-provided metadata, so it’s easy to find the stories you want.

Business Relevant News

We are selective when it comes to the news sources we curate for our content collection.  Each newswire, newspaper, journal, web site, blog and Twitter account is vetted, de-duped, timely and adds value to our collection. .

Unparalleled Categorization

Carefully monitored and continuously updated, our classification of business relevant concepts is unparalleled in the industry.  Our team works around the clock to tag every news story and identify each so users find exactly the information they seek.

Powerful Search and Alerting

Advanced search has never been so easy.  The strength of our Acquire Media Metadata Enhancer (ACME) taxonomy along with a full suite of Boolean search logic powers simple interfaces giving all users the ability to craft precise search queries.  Then, turn these searches into need-to-know alerts that can be sent on a schedule or as needed basis.

Attention Getting Communications

Whether you need a simple RSS feed or full scale customized newsletters in your look and feel, our suite of communications tools has you covered.  Share important news with your target audience as it happens in the form you need it: RSS, web widgets, newsletters, email, social media and more.

Insightful Analytics

See the news from a different perspective with news enabled data visualizations.  Using data science, precise categorization and clear presentations, users can discover the interconnections between companies, news events and other subjects to understand their impact on decision making.

Flexible APIs

The very technologies we use to power our applications are available through our APIs that can be used independently or combined depending on your requirements.  Get the content you need for valuable information functionality to boost your proprietary applications with minimal resource constraints. 


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