Digital Publishing and Distribution

Let our content aggregation and delivery experts create an information solution that works exactly how you need it to work.   Business news is often only a single component of your organization’s overall information needs but accessing disparate information services can be inefficient and cumbersome.

Our content technology experts understand how to work with a wide variety of content types, formats, and delivery mechanisms in real-time.  We specialize in bringing content together and providing a common set of metadata tagging that enables users to retrieve key information from multiple sources with one request.  Front ends can be customized or you can use your own.  We tie all of your information together so your users don’t have to.

Content Standardization

Content created in a variety of forms often needs to be standardized for continued internal and external uses.  Acquire Media offers the same technology we use to standardize our inbound content sources for use by publishers to help organize, add value, and prepare their content for distribution.

Detailed Mark-up Services

We know that good content needs appropriate metadata and enhanced tagging to help users find the quality information publishers provide.  Our powerful analytic framework applies both traditional tags and any publisher-specific tags to provided media.

Straightforward Entitlement Management

Our entitlement console helps publishers ensure their content reaches their intended audience with a clear interface to manage the process.  Whether you have one channel or multiple distribution channels, we are content distribution experts and can help you deliver your most valuable data on time every time. 

Customized Formatting

Content comes in a variety of formats and we help publishers convert their data into the format their users require.  We offer today’s industry standards such as XML, JSON, and RSS or can work with each publisher’s unique needs to provide the custom formatting that ensures the best usability of their content.

Simultaneous Disclosure

Regulatory requirements dictate that companies disclose certain corporate events to all investors at the same time.  We have perfected the methodology to ensure simultaneous disclosure of such information.  We are the backbone to many major press release services used by public companies today.

Comprehensive Monitoring

A complete view into your content’s publishing and distribution process from end-to-end.  Keep track of content from ingestion, standardization, tagging, entitlement, formatting and distribution.  Full reports detail content processing and distribution success.


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