Moody’s Analytics NewsEdge Suite of Solutions

Bring together real-time news sources, and the best of the business web and social media to empower decision makers. Our proprietary capabilities include a number of patented components which offer our users unique advantages. The NewsEdge technology engine ingests, enriches, and distributes content in sub-seconds assuring the users of our interfaces and feeds fast access to support better decision making.

*The NewsEdge solution was an Acquire Media offering before being acquired and becoming part of Moody’s Analytics.

NewsEdge™ Feed

Relevant content delivered with ultra-low latency.

NewsEdge™ Portal

News and information for business professionals.

NewsEdge™ Alert

Real-time global and market news for financial traders.

NewsEdge™ Signal

News and information for event-driven trading.

NewsEdge™ NLP Engine

Gain new intelligence from existing data using NLP technology.

NewsEdge™ Credit

Early detection of credit risk in the news.


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