NewsEdge NLP Engine

NewsEdge™ NLP Engine

Discover Business Insights in Your Data

Ready to deploy NLP technology on-premises or in the cloud

Moody’s Analytics NewsEdge NLP Engine uses our proprietary natural language processing technology to help you extract insights from data within your own environment.

Gain new intelligence from existing data

NewsEdge NLP Engine can be used on any unstructured data or free-form text such as email, documents, and online content.  Our NLP engine helps to quickly surface the context of what lies within the data without having to manually read and record salient data points, saving valuable time and resources. The processing power of this technology makes it possible to mine large amounts of content in minutes and organize data relationally for immediate business intelligence.

Standardize and enrich content with valuable metadata

  • Entity extraction and validation with Orbis entity data
  • People identifiers for individuals of global importance
  • 3,500 subject codes
  • 1,500 industry codes
  • Over 100,000 global locations and growing

The NewsEdge NLP Engine difference

Transparent flat fee pricing

Our flat fee license enables you to keep costs under control regardless of usage requirements or fluctuations in volume. Use NewsEdge NLP Engine as little or as much as you need without the worry of added upcharges.

Independent operation keeps your data secure

Since the NewsEdge NLP Engine runs in your environment, you can maintain data privacy for sensitive data. Each installation operates independently keeping your proprietary data confidential and secure.

Easy to install, worry-free maintenance

Getting NewsEdge NLP Engine set up is as simple as a docker installation and can easily be handled by your IT staff. We handle all maintenance and continuously push updates so you can be assured your engine is always cutting edge and current.

Explainable output

NewsEdge NLP Engine provides the traceability you sometimes need to explain why certain classifications or metadata tags were applied to your data. This explainability is especially important for fair business practices and governance but no matter why you need it, we can deliver it.

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