Financial Information Platforms

The NewsEdge™ suite of solutions deliver filtered, highly-relevant financial news from multiple publishers with ultra-low latency, using patented technology that beats the competition. Applicable for trading terminals, algorithmic execution, or on-the-fly research model modification, it offers the right news intelligence fronted with a suite of sophisticated APIs ready for systems integration.

Business Relevant News

We are selective when it comes to the news sources we curate for our content collection.  Each newswire, newspaper, journal, web site, blog and Twitter account is vetted, de-duped, timely and adds  value to our collection.

Delivery at the Speed of Information

Word spreads fast and receiving information the moment it happens is paramount in the financial industry.  When you need real-time alerting, low latency filtered news, or ultra-low latency, machine readable news, we deliver.   

Robust Company Identifiers

Identification of a company, organization or other entity in a news story is tricky business. Our patented algorithms extract, verify, and standardize company names, tickers and other identifiers in real-time so information is not delayed.

Measuring Impact and Business Relevance

When decisions are made in sub-seconds, immediately knowing the impact or relevance of a news event is critical.  We use data science to apply unique impact and relevance identifiers to guide users in understanding how an event will impact the markets.

Financial News Integration

We make it easy to integrate timely, relevant news and information into a user’s workflow.  For  researching, analyzing, monitoring or execution applications, there are APIs and several feed options to choose from including industry standard formats, machine-readable formats, or custom formats.

Historical Modeling

As the industry turns to computer modeling and algorithms, our deep news archive provides the necessary data to test your strategies before you go live.  Use this real world information to measure performance and adjust models for actual events.


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