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Content from Trusted Sources Delivered Fast

Whether for business intelligence, financial investments, or sharing real-time news and historical content with your company or clients, our NewsEdge Feed solution delivers one of the broadest collections of licensed and web-sourced content in the industry. Our taxonomy tags both content and source in exquisite detail for precise filtering and search, and we deliver in a range of formats to feed your applications or machine learning/artificial intelligence models.


Build powerful search and alerting capabilities into your application with our NewsEdge API. Use the SAMURAI API to normalize and tag your content and redistribute in near real-time. 

Regulated Simultaneous Disclosure 

Get guaranteed transmission of real-time content delivered directly into your application with our patented AMPS algorithm, full transmission performance monitoring, and automated resends as required by the SEC in the US. Filter your content, or select your content by  source, subject, industry, geography, company or any relevant combination.  Take delivery of your content via scheduled and batch sending options. 

FTP/SFTP/S3 Delivery 

Enjoy news and information filtered for your interests, ready and available on your schedule. This is the right solution if you need push or pull capabilities for your delivered content. Although delivered in XML, the content is customized to meet your format requirements. 

Moody’s DataHub

Do your analysis in a cloud-based platform offering access to the data science tools and other data sets from across Moody’s. Choose from delivery options including S3, Azure and GPC.

Standard Formats and Custom Delivery

We deliver full digital content of the news and information relevant to you and your users in industry standard formats such as RSS, JSON, XMLNews, NewsML, etc. for easy, rapid deployment. Select the content sources you want and apply any filters to tailor the feed to your requirements.

DeliveryBenefitsBest for People Who Need
APIsNews-enabled siteTargeted news integrated within their application
Regulated Simultaneous DisclosureGuaranteed transmissionFlexible filtering and scheduled delivery of content into their application
FTP/SFTP/S3Pushable/PullableFlexible filtering and scheduled delivery of content in XML, customized to their format requirements
Moody’s DataHubCombines content with analysis toolsData scientists and modelers to combine news with additional data sets to inform decisions
Standard FormatsEasy, rapid deploymentFull digital content of the news and information delivered in standard industry formats (RSS, JSON, XMLNews, NewsML, etc.)

Broad Coverage  

The NewsEdge Feed solution draws on over 24,000 sources from around the world, delivering breaking news, and content on finance, government, business, technology, and culture.  It includes licensed content from press releases, major international magazines, local news sites, and web-sourced content from blogs to Twitter. We constantly add to and refine our list of sources to get you the news you need, and deliver it in full text, in over 70 languages.  

Fast Processing 

Our algorithms enrich the content in milliseconds leveraging machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), to evaluate each story against your criteria, enabling you to review more content – and to find more relevant content – than ever before.  Real-time entity extraction, sentiment analysis, taxonomy and classification applications are applied right in the feed for your consumption.  

Precise Filter and Search Capabilities 

Whether you are conducting complex BOOLEAN searches or simple natural language searches, our taxonomy of over 1,500 industry, 3,500 subject, and 100,000 location tags can help you find the content that is most relevant to your topic. You can further increase relevance by filtering on language, geographic origin, source, or frequency of appearance. We suppress duplicate content and eliminate robotic content, with publisher-supplied corrections and revisions to content so you don’t read an obsolete version. Our algorithms keep up with the latest trends and buzzwords, so you can be confident in the relevance of your filter and search results. Our library scientists work tirelessly to improve content recognition by adding new concepts and updating the NewsEdge taxonomy and subject, industry, and location tags.  

Easy Onboarding  

During your onboarding process, we will work with you to make sure you have the best sources for your needs, and that your feeds are tagged, de-duped, standardized, and normalized for seamless delivery into your application. If you have or license your own content sources, we can ingest those as well, so you get a single, normalized and standardized flow of news through the same channel, with the same enrichment, and no latency.


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