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    To get started with AMPS for Win32, simply download the files listed below. These contain all software and documentation needed for a full installation.

    To complete your installation, you will need your AMX Serial Number and Username. These will be emailed to you with your confirmation of a newly established AMX account.

    InstallShield executable that will walk you through the installation of the AMX client. To install AMX, you will need to download this file and move it to your AMX server machine to run it.

    This zip archive contains all the AMPS Win32 documentation. You should download it only if you want to review the full documentation set before downloading the installation executable above (which also contains this file).

    The following doc files are included:

    1. AMPS Win32 Installation Manual.pdf
    2. AMPS Win32 Solutions Guide.pdf
    3. AMPS Win32 Diagnostic User Manual.pdf
    Note that .pdf files can be opened with Adobe Reader, a free program.
    AMPS Linux Software Downloads

    Use the links below to download AMX.

    System Requirements for AMX (LINUX):

    Platform: i386 Red Hat
    Memory: 256 MB
    Disk space requirements:

    • AMX Interceiver: 650 MB
    • AMX File Archiver: 1200 MB (can run on separate server)
    • AMX Viewer: None (can run on separate server)

    Total Disk when installed on same server: 2.1 GB

    Important: these requirements are based on a disk cache of 7 days for the basic content group, and that the choices used for the basic content service may influence disk space requirements. Also, it is important to note that disk space requirements vary based on which products are installed and that some of the products require others to be present.

    IMPORTANT LINUX NOTE: Make sure the slocate program is NOT configured to index the /nwsys directory tree. It might be configured via the /etc/cron.daily/slocate.cron. This program is the Security Enhanced version of the GNU Locate used to index new files as they are created into a local database. The large number of files created by AMX may cause serious system degradation. It is highly recommended that slocate NOT index this tree.

    To complete your installation, you will need your AMX Software Registration Number. This number will be emailed to you.

    A tar file containing all the programs and documentation you need for installing and running AMX on your site.

    Installation components:
    The base level components of the tar archive are as follows:

    • AMX-UNIX-Linux-Install.pdf
    • README – overview of installation package, licensing information, etc.
    • install –  installation utility for the AMX client software.
    • amx#.#-linuxRHx.x.tar.bz2 – AMX client software in compressed archive form.
    • bunzip2 – decompression utility used on all *.bz2 archives.
    • CtrlFile – installation control file required by the install utility.
    • optional#.#-linuxRHx.x.install.tar.bz2 – optional software archive(s) in compressed form.

    This zip archive contains all the AMX UNIX/Linux documentation. You should download it only if you want to review the full documentation set before downloading the AMX Unix/Linux software.

    The following doc files are included:

    1. AMX-UNIX-Linux-Documentation-Overview.pdf
    2. AMX-UNIX-Linux-Install.pdf
    3. AMX-UNIX-Linux-Solutions-Guide.pdf
    4. AMX-UNIX-Linux-Admin.pdf
    5. AMPS-UNIX-Linux-Diagnostic-User-Manual.pdf
    6. WNDP-Specification.pdf
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